No Love Lost

Mission in GTA IV
Final Destination
No Love Lost
Rigged to Blow
Starts at FaustinMarker.png Faustin's house
Given by Mikhail Faustin
Reward $600,=

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Route the biker will take.

When you enter Mikhail Faustin’s house you will see he is in a quarrel with his wife Ilyena. After that Faustin will join Niko and tell him about his daughter, who has a relation with one of the bikers from The Lost. Faustin wants Niko to stop this relation, so he will have to kill the biker. So drive to the marker where the biker and Faustin’s daughter will be. There will be a cut scene in which Niko tells them that Faustin does not want them to have a relation. Of course the biker does not agree and he will flee on his Zombie. Now you will have to chase him on the PCJ 600 which is parked near you. The route that the biker will take is marked on the map. When you arrive at the for last corner (the orange ball on the map) other members of The lost will accompany him. They all will enter a little park, step off their bikes and open fire upon Niko. The best thing you can do is to step off your bike at the entrance of the park and shoot them from a distance with a carbine rifle or SMG. You can take cover behind the trees so they will not hit you. Once you have killed all the bikers the mission will be accomplished!


  • Make sure you have enough weapons, like SMG and carbine rifle, and enough ammunition to kill the bikers.
  • While chasing the biker you better focus on the driving and not the shooting. It is easier to kill them in a fire fight.
  • You can follow the route on the map, but it is possible to take a slightly different route to gain speed.
  • The bikes on which the members of The Lost drive are unique because of the marks on it. Collectors better save a spot for them on the parking in front of their safe house.


Biker is hiding
Biker leaves his hideout

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