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Casual Clothes

File:LCS Casual Outfit.jpg

Available from the start.

Leone Suit

File:LCS Leone-outfit.jpg

Available from the first mission Home Sweet Home.


LCS Overalls.jpg

Available after The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade.

Avenging Angels Fatigues

File:LCS Avenging Angel Fatigues Outfit.jpg

Available after Frighteners.

Chauffeur's Clothes

LCS Chauffeurs Clothes.jpg

Available after Rollercoaster Ride.

Lawyers Suit

LCS Lawyers Suit.jpg

Available after Rough Justice.


LCS Tuxedo.jpg

Available after A Date with Death.

The King Jumpsuit

File:LCS The King Jumpsuit.jpg

Available after completion of the storyline.

Cox Mascot Suit

File:LCS Cocks Mascotte Suit.jpg

Available after you've completed the sidemission Slash TV twice.


LCS Underwear.jpg

Available after your first succesfull Unique Stunt.

Hero Garb

LCS Hero Garb.jpg

Available after you completed Avenging Angel (Shoreside Vale).

'Dragon' jumpsuit

LCS Dragon jumpsuit.jpg

Available after Crazy '69'.


LCS Antonio.jpg

Available after Making Toni.


LCS Sweats.jpg

Available after A Walk In The Park.


LCS Goodfella.jpg

Available after Overdose of Trouble.


LCS Wiseguy.jpg

Available after Shoot The Messenger.

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