Unique Stunts 1-10 (GTA San Andreas)

Unique Jump 1

Jump number 1 is located in El Corona, Los Santos near the trainstation. You'll have to jump the ramp, and land on the roof of the station-building. The jump must be 150 to 160 ft. to make it count. Make your drive towards the ramp as long as possible, and gain as much speed as possible. But don't drive between the rails, as it will slow you down.

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Unique Jump 2

After jump number 1, follow the trainrails eastwards and than north. You'll arive at bridge that you will be using as a ramp for this jump. You'll be jumping southwards, and use the piece of bridge that sits between the road and the rails (the middle piece). Gain enough speed and avoid the trees when you drive towards the ramp. Your goal is a jump of about 150 ft. which means you have to land close to the intersection.

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Unique Jump 3

This jump is located in Conference, Los Santos. You can find it at the end of the road that runs through the conference centre. Gain maximal speed by a long drive, and use the green stairs as a ramp. You'll have to clear a small roof, and land on the far flat roof. Your jump should be around 230 ft. to make it count.

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Unique Jump 4

From Jump number 2, follow the railroad north until you arrive at the pedestrian bridge across the rails in Jefferson. Coming from the south, use the stairs on the left side of the road as a ramp. You'll need a distance of about 150 Ft. to make this jump count.

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Unique Jump 5

After jump number 4, turn around and follow the rails southwards, until the rails branch of to the southwest. Follow this branch, until it crosses a street. You'll see several dirtmounts, one of the is sitting against a wooden fence. To make this jump, use this mount as ramp and land on the Ocean Docks freeway.

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Unique Jump 6

This jump is located near the Los Santos Stadium. Just north of the stadium, there is a big pedestrian bridge accros the freeway. Use the west-side stairs of this bridge as a ramp for this jump. Backup up as far as possible, and gain enough speed (watch out for the traffic). You will have to jump over the parking-lot and land on the grass between the houses, which means a jump of over 140 ft.

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Unique Jump 7

This Jump is located in Ocean Docks, Los Santos. Take the southern road into Ocean docks from the freeway and go immediatly to your right. Past the second corner, you'll find this ramp. Make a long run, and land on the corrugated roof.

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Unique Jump 8

For jump 8 you have to jump of some airpane stairs and go across the fence to land an the road that goes around the airport. You'll have plenty of space to make a long run, but if you make it to long the stairs might have to respawn when you approach them at full speed, and you might mis them. It's better to slowly backup, until the stairs almost disappear. From there you should have plenty of length to make it.

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Unique Jump 9

This is most likely the hardest one of all the Unique Jumps. It is located at the Los Santos Airport. You have to use the yellow sign with the text <-ST8^S-> as a ramp. And you have to jump past the red sign with the text 06L-2. Make your run as long as possible, and stay in aerodynamic position to make as much speed as possible. Stay of the grass as long as possible, only steer for the ramp at the very last moment. It might take some tries, but you'll manage the needed 265 ft in the end.

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Unique Jump 10

Along the Freeway between the Los Santos Stadium en the airport is an industrial complex with some large storagetanks. (Where the flood control channel ends). Use the stairs to the left of these tanks as a ramp en clear the flood control channel. You'll have to touch the central pillar with your wheels to let this jump count.

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