Unique Stunts 31-40 (GTA San Andreas)

Unique Jump 31

This jump is the third of the four Unique Jumps that you'll have to take from the Emerald Isle Hotel. The other jumps are 23, 24 and 68. This hotel is located at the northern end of The Strip, where it splits in two directions, this hotel is situated between the two branches. Go up to level 6, to the east you'll find the ramp for jump 31. Make sure you're not to high on the motor because the exit is small. It will be sufficient to land in the street east of the hotel.

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Unique Jump 32

You can make this jump in the trailer-park of Angel Pine (where you ended the confrontation with Frank Tenpenny, Eddie Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez in the mission The Green Sabre). There is a wooden ramp northwest of the park. Make your run as long as possible in an aerodynamic position. To make this a valid jump you'll have to land on the roof of the building between the trailer-park and the Cluckin' Bell (just touching the roof with a tire will be sufficient).

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Unique Jump 33

Drive the dirt-road from Montgomery Intersection to Palomino Creek. Just before Palomino Creek you'll come upon a broken wooden bridge which is the ramp for this jump. Make a long run, stay low and land between the buildings at the other side. Distance to jump: about 170ft. During the mission Local Liquor Store you'll have to follow a few Quad Bikes over this bridge. So it's possible you already made this jump or still have to. Using the bridge from the other side for that matter will give you jump number 45.

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Unique Jump 34

Drive from Angel Pine towards Mount Chiliad. From a small building at the base of the mountain goes a dirt-road at the northeast side up the mountain. Keep climbing the mountain until you reach a couple of raised wooden paths at the right-hand side of the mountain (these paths are also used during one of the Chiliad Challenges: Cobra Run, which start at the top of Mount Chiliad). Use the ramp to make jump number 34. It's hard to make a run, but you don't have to jump that far to make it a valid USJ.

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Unique Jump 35

Drive from Angel Pine in southern direction until you reach the beach. At the beach you'll see a big dune to the left (east) which looks like a ramp. Well that's correct ... make a long run and jump as far as possible. Make sure to steer your motor (or car) slightly to the left otherwise you'll end up in sea. To make this a valid jump you'll have to jump 135 to 145 ft.

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Unique Jump 36

This jump is located on your own airstrip, Verdant Meadows. At your radar you'll see a couple of white airplanes and the ramp is a wing of the most western airplane south of the runway. Start your run at the Snake Farm and land on the runway. This is a pretty easy jump to make.

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Unique Jump 37

Driving the road from Las Payasadas towards El Quebrados, close to Valle Ocultado (a desolated Indian-village), you'll find this jump at the left-hand side of the road. Just before the bridge over the Sherman Reservoir there's a ram-shackled building with a roof as ramp. Make a nice run and jump into the water. For that matter you'll have to search for a new vehicle.

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Unique Jump 38

Just south of Blueberry you'll find a precinct with sheds, trailers and pallets. Use the tilt pallets in front of a truck as ramp to make this jump. It's the object to jump about 170 ft, so take a long run. After you landed behind the truck turn around and you'll see another ramp at the other side of the same truck: use that ramp to make jump 44.

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Unique Jump 39

Just north of the precinct of jump 38 and facing east towards the Ammu-Nation and the Well Stacked Pizza you'll find these stairs. Use these stairs to reach the parking-lot at the other side. During this jump you'll go over a Sprunk billboard (which you can use to locate this jump).

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Unique Jump 40

This jump is located in the agrarian area Blueberry Acres, east of Blueberry. For that matter it's possible you already made this jump or are about to make this jump during the race-mission Wu Zi Mu of Cesar Vialpando. Make a run from the edge of the farm, use the ramp over the hay-bales, just over the roof of the barn and land at the base of the elevator. At this farm you'll also find jump number 41.

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