It's your Call

Mission in GTA IV
The Cousins Bellic
It's your Call
Three's a Crowd
Starts at Roman's Taxi Company
Given by Roman Bellic
Reward $30

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You'll have to go with Roman to get some bullets. Drive to the place given on the radar by following your GPS. Roman is afraid that the loan sharks will go after him so you will be on the lookout outside. Just keep still and wait for things to come, that's all. Meanwhile there will be a telephone conversation between Roman and Niko. When you hear Niko say that he thinks the loan sharks have arrived you'll have to call Roman. After this a short cut scene will follow in which Roman hurries to the car and the loan sharks tell you to stop. Drive to Roman's house and when you arrive the mission will be passed. Drive slowly: getting rid of the loan sharks will be a breeze.


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