Spray shop

A Pay 'n' Spray in GTA San Andreas.

A spray shop allows you to repaint your vehicle and repair it. Repainting your vehicle will shake of the police chasing you, however this doesn't happen instantly. After repainting your vehicle the police indicators on the the top right will start flashing. If you, for example, have a 3 star wanted level and you repaint your vehicle the 3 stars will start flashing. During this period you're no longer being chased by the cops. However if you get in contact with the cops during this period all 3 stars will return. After a short amount of time, the 3 stars will stop flashing and you're safe from the police.

Costs and colors

Repainting and repairing your vehicle will cost $100. You cannot choose which color you want your vehicle to be painted in, this is randomly generated. If you repaint your vehicle it automatically will be repaired as well.

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