Unique Stunts 61-70 (GTA San Andreas)

Unique Jump 61

This jump is also located at the Mulholland Intersection. Approach the city from the north and take the exit which eventually goes in eastern direction. In the curve you'll see a concrete ramp between the pillars, just right to this ramp there's another ramp at the other side of the pillar. Both ramps can be used to make a successful unique jump onto the parking lot below Mulholland Intersection. Make your run for the left ramp from the motorway and for the right ramp from the grass at the other side, otherwise the pillar would block your path to the ramp. The distance to jump is 230ft.

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Unique Jump 62

Coming from Rodeo you'll find a grass-hill, just next to the road leading to the big pier in Santa Maria Beach, which is to be used as ramp for this jump. With a decent run and some slightly steering it's possible to land your motor on the pier, distance to bridge should be approximately 200ft.

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Unique Jump 63

In Vinewood, Los Santos close to the wide road around the city you'll find an asphalted terrain between the cemetery and the tennis-courts. An edge of this asphalt curls a bit and is to be used as ramp for jump number 63. Make a long run from the street with the Pay 'n Spray and jump in western direction. Make sure to land on the wide road, which is a jump of about 170 ft.

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Unique Jump 64

Drive the flood control channel until you're exactly between Commerce and Market, Los Santos. You'll find a tiny 'park' where traffic in some way drives around. Make a long run and jump, using the concrete ramp, in the middle of this 'park' to correctly perform this unique jump. Hopefully your end-screen looks somehow better than mine :-)

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Unique Jump 65

Jump number 65 is located exactly in the middle of the half cloverleaf interchange at Montgomery Intersection. A long run is necessary and not difficult because you can easily drive between the lanes. Try to gain as much as speed and steer your motor slightly in the air in order to land as close as possible next to the buildings in eastern direction. You'll need approximately 220ft.

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Unique Jump 66

Drive from the Los Santos Stadium in the direction of Los Santos International Airport. In the last curve before the tunnel you'll find between the 4 lanes a concrete ramp. It might take several times and practice in order to hit the ramp correctly. Make your run as long as possible, in an aerodynamic position and jump slightly to the right towards the tunnel. You'll need about 160 ft to make this a valid jump.

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Unique Jump 67

After you've done jump 62 drive from the pier down the stairs. To the right there's a long series of shops and beneath that a stairs which access an esplanade. Use the stairs as ramp and jump at least 140 ft for a valid unique jump. It's the object to jump over the whole esplanade and therefor a long run in an aerodynamic position is necessary.

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Unique Jump 68

This jump is the fourth of the four Unique Jumps that you'll have to take from the Emerald Isle Hotel. The other jumps are 23, 24 and 31. This hotel is located at the northern end of The Strip, where it splits in two directions, this hotel is situated between the two branches. Go up to the 10th floor of the parking, drive upon the stairways that will take you to the roof. On the roof you'll have to drive up two more staircases that will take you to the top-level on the eastern side of the building. On this level you'll find two ramps. For this stunt you will have to jump the left-hand ramp. Land down on the streets with a distance of about 175 ft. to let the jump count.

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Unique Jump 69

Just beneath the Emerald Isle of jump 68 you'll find this one. It's a wooden ramp under a row of telegraph-poles, where you've to drive in between with your motor. In order to get access to the ramp you'll have to drive through the fence. Make a maximum run, stay in an aerodynamic position and jump over The Strip. You'll need to bridge a distance of 180 ft.

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Unique Jump 70

Where you come out of the tunnel at the San Fierro Stadium you'll find a pedestrian crossing. You'll need the stairs at the left-hand side of this bridge to make this jump. Make a decent run and land on the motorway. Be careful not to bump your head against the pedestrian crossing, but stay nicely next to it. Everything was OK with Carl after screen 3, it only looks like he lost his head. And after you've followed all the directions you've completed all Unique Stunt Jumps. Congratulations, rest for a while and have a drink ....

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