555 WE TIP

Mission in GTA San Andreas
Wear Flowers in your Hair
555 WE TIP
Valet Mission
Starts at Marker Doherty Garage
Given by C.R.A.S.H.
Reward Valet Uniform

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Drive to the Downtown area, where the Vank Hoff Hotel is located. Once you get there, follow the valet driving a car to park it in the car park. Kill him when he steps out to get his valet uniform. Be careful that nobody sees you doing it. When you have the uniform, go back to the entrance of the Hotel.

Wait for the DA to arrive, he will be driving a blue Merit. When he steps out of the car make sure you'll be the first valet to get in the car. As soon as you step in the Merit you'll have a time limit of 3 minutes. Drive the car back to the Doherty Garage and park it in the marker where it will be stashed with the weed you brought with The Truth. After this drive back to the hotel, but make sure you don't damage the car while doing so. If the car gets damaged drive back to the garage to fix it. Keep an eye on the time, you don't have all day.

When you arrive at the hotel, park the car in the car park and go back to the entrance. In front of the Hotel there will be a red marker, step into it. You'll see the DA coming out of the hotel, when he wants to get in his car the police shows up. Now you've passed the mission.


On your way to Vank Hoff.
At Vank Hoff Hotel.
Vank Hoff car park.
To the DA.
Placing the car back.
DA arrested.
Mission Passed!