Grand Theft Auto 2

Grand Theft Auto series
Grand Theft Auto 2
Official website
Developer DMA Design
Publisher Rockstar Games
Release date 30 September 1999
Platform PC
Game Boy Color
Rating PEGI: 18 18
ESRB: Mature Mature
Protagonist(s) Claude Speed
Location Anywhere, USA
Year 2013

Grand Theft Auto 2 is the second instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series (not including the expansion pack GTA: London 1969). With a new game engine, it is the first and only GTA of the GTA2 era, although the concept is similar to that of the previous instalment, Grand Theft Auto.

The game is developed by DMA Design and released for PC by Rockstar Games on 30 September 1999, nearly two years after it's predecessor. Later, the game was ported to the PlayStation, Dreamcast and Game Boy Color. The ports are nearly identical, but some features were left out in some ports, such as the subway, Mad Island, minor changes in missions and some foul language. Some changes were necessary to get all the data on the disk, but the Teen-rating (instead of the Mature-rating of the PC-version) may also have been a reason to cut some of these these features.

Artwork of Anywhere, USA.


GTA2 is set in a dystopian near future. According to the official website GTA2 is set in the year 2013, although the manual uses metaphors like "three weeks into the future". The large city is never given a name and is instead referred to as "Anywhere, USA". The city is divided in a commercial area, a suburban area and an industrial area. Anywhere, USA is shown as a completely dysfunctional city where crime and decay feature prominently. Seven major gangs are involved in a endless power struggle while petty thieves and car jackers attack pedestrians and car drivers. The police has to use violence to fight down all the crime.

Night in GTA2.


GTA2 has the same concept as Grand Theft Auto. You play the role of a criminal and it is your goal to earn money by committing crime and completing missions for other criminals. You can also choose your own path by exploring the city, stealing cars, starting fights or creating havoc by other means.

A major difference is the prominent existence of gangs and the importance of respect. Missions are now given by the gang leaders, but only when their gang respects you enough. Respect can be earned by completing missions or killing gang members of a rivalling gang. Of course, doing so will decrease the respect of the other gang.

Much more citizens roam the streets and their role is more important than in Grand Theft Auto. As told above, you can see gang members walking in their turf, but you'll also see pickpockets, car-jackers, cops and other pedestrians. They will react to each other which causes much more unique situations than in Grand Theft Auto. For example, some one may shoot at you after you have stolen his car. This may cause some gang members to defend you, which will attract the police and resulting in a gang fight between the gang and the police.

Other new features are health, many more weapons and the option the choose between day and night. However, GTA2 does not feature motorcycles like it's predecessor.

The level Tiny Town in multiplayer.


Like Grand Theft Auto, GTA2 features multiplayer which allows you to play against other players on a network or the Internet. Multiplayer offers three game modes, which can be played in the three districts or in three specially designed multiplayer maps. Despite the fact GTA2 is a fairly old game, GTA2 multiplayer is still popular, partly due to the GTA2 Game Hunter which allows you to easily create games and find other players around the world.

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