Mission in GTA San Andreas
The Green Sabre
First Date and
first Catalina-mission
Starts at Marker Angel Pine Trailer
Given by C.R.A.S.H.
Reward None

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In this mission you'll have to go to Mount Chiliad to kill a snitch, take a photo of his dead body and deliver it at the trailer. But first make sure you've a weapon and enough ammo. If you don't have enough, or nothing at all, pick up the Micro SMG which spawns behind a trailer near your save point, or buy some weapons at the local Ammu-Nation. Armor could also be appropriate.

Hop on the Sanchez and go to the marker, indicated on your radar. You'll see a small cabin, guarded by three to four FBI-agents, kill them all. This will warn the snitch and he'll go for his car to get away. Follow him with the Sanchez while doing drive-by's. The snitch won't be driving that fast so just relax and don't fall off the mountain. After a bunch of hits the car of the snitch will start burning, followed by an explosion. The snitch will be lying outside the car if the car exploded too fast for him to get out, else he will be running away. Anyway, make sure he is dead and take a picture of the body with your camera. Go back to the trailer in Angel Pine (red marker) to complete the mission.


  • Don't kill the snitch with a head shot, otherwise he'll be unrecognisable for the photo and you'll fail the mission.
  • Try to shoot the FBI-agents with the sniper rifle, this will prevent you from dying to soon.
  • Another way is to sneak past the agents to go up the stairs at the front of the building. From that position you'll approach the snitch from behind and will be easy to kill. This way you won't have to chase him down the mountain and prevent the risk of falling of Mount Chiliad.
  • Make sure you've a sniper rifle and sneak with a decent distance around the cabin until you catch sight of the snitch and kill him before the FBI-agents notice you.


When you somehow lost your camera during the mission, another can be found at the trailer in Angel Pine after you killed the snitch. Indicated by a green arrow, at the same spot as where you started this mission.