The Green Sabre

Mission in GTA San Andreas
Reuniting the Families
The Green Sabre
Blood Bowl
Chiliad Challenge
Courier San Fierro
NRG-500 Challenge
Starts at Marker Sweet's House
Given by Sweet
Reward access to San Fierro

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First CJ's telephone rings, it's Cesar who tells you that you've to come to meet him. There he shows you how Big Smoke and Ryder are in a conspiracy with C.R.A.S.H. and the Ballas. You'll also see the green Sabre used at the assassination of Beverly Johnson.

By this, CJ realises that Sweet could be in big trouble, because he's being lured into a Ballas trap. Go as fast as possible to the Mulholland Intersection where Sweet is fighting with the Ballas, therefore there's a time-limit indicated by Sweet's health. Kill all Ballas. After that the LCPD arrives, CJ and Sweet are busted. In the following cut scene you'll see that Frank Tenpenny brings you to Angel Pine at the country-side (Badlands) outside of Los Santos and you've to do some work for him. After the cut scene you finished the mission.


When the cut scene stops, you are in the Badlands and you can't go back to Los Santos. Or to be more exact: you can go back but you've nothing to do there and everybody is your enemy. Ultimately you will get back to Los Santos. You can save your game next to the mobile home, where you are right now. You can buy weapons (you don't have weapons anymore) in the Ammu-Nation in Angel Pine. Possible armor (you can also buy it) can be found in front of the house next to the safe house which you can buy, behind a mobile home close to the save point, a Micro SMG can be found.

Funny detail: In the cut scene, in which Tenpenny takes you out of the car, there is another cop relieving himself over a tree.