Do You Have Protection?

Mission in GTA IV
Crime and Punishment
Do You Have Protection?
Final Destination
Starts at FaustinMarker.png Faustin's house
Given by Mikhail Faustin
Reward $400,=
marker The gunstore is now open

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After Roman’s phone call you can drive to Faustin's house where you can start the mission 'Do You Have Protection'. In the first cut scene you will see that Dimitri and Faustin have an altercation. And because Faustin is drunk you will have to do this mission together with Dimitri. When the cut scene is over you will have to go to a sexshop, because the producer of the adult films has not told them about his films so Faustin will not receive money for it. To go to the shop you can use the fast Turismo which is parked in front of Faustin’s garage. When you arrive at the sexshop you will have to enter it with Dimitri. A cut scene will start in which Dimitri, without permission, will enter the private room where two porn actors and the producer are watching an adult movie. Dimitri will have an altercation with the boss after which Niko has to threaten him. You do this by aiming your pistol at him. After aiming your pistol at the boss you have to aim at one of the porn actors and shoot him in the leg, which will make the boss pay. Now you have to leave the shop with Dimitri. From the sex shop you will have to go towards a gun store. When you get there Dimitri tells you that you can buy a weapon at Faustin’s account. So buy the Micro SMG and leave the store. Now you have to take Dimitri to Faustin’s place, and when you get there the mission is accomplished!


  • In the private room you will see some actual porn on the television: You will see a half-naked woman.


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