High Stakes, Low-Rider

Mission in GTA San Andreas
Cesar Vialpando
High Stakes, Low-Rider
Reuniting the Families
Starts at Marker El Corona
Given by Cesar Vialpando
Reward Respect

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In this mission you have to compete in a real Lowriders street race. Before you can start this mission you need to have a lowrider. This should not be much of a problem as in the neighbourhood of Cesars home some lowriders are parked next to houses. After you have driven the car into the red marker a cut scene will start. Cesar explains some things and tells you to follow him to the race. Do so and drive into the red marker once you reach the start line of the race.

The race is not very difficult. Make sure you slam on the brakes when you reach the corners, stay on your own side of the road and step on the gas on the long, straight streets.


  • It's advised to use the Voodoo, because it has good traction and that is the only necessary thing in this race.
  • You can choose your own car, so it is possible to tune a lowrider prior to the mission. If the mission is too difficult you can buy some nitro at the Loco Low Co. so it becomes easier.



Lowrider Race finish.JPG
Lowrider Race.JPG