Mission tree (GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony)

I luv L.C.
ToniMarker.png Anthony Prince
Practice Swing
ToniMarker.png Anthony Prince
Chinese Takeout [1]
MommaMarker.png Adriana Lopez
Momma's Boy
Bang Bang [1] Blog This! (Part I) [1] MoriMarker.png Mori Kibbutz
Kibbutz Number One
YusufMarker.png Yusuf Amir
Sexy Time
Corner Kids
Boulevard Baby Frosting on the Cake Blog This! (Part II) [2]
High Dive [2] Clocking Off [3]
RayBulgarinMarker.png Ray Bulgarin
Going Deep [3]
This Ain't Checkers Caught With Your Pants Down
Dropping In Not So Fast No. 3 For the Man Who Has Everything
In the Crosshairs Ladies' Night
Ladies Half Price
RoccoMarker.png Rocco Pelosi
Party's Over
ToniMarker.png Anthony Prince
Departure Time


[1] To play Bang Bang en Blog This! (Part I), you will not only need Practice Swing, but also Chinese Takeout.
[2] To play Blog This! (Part II), you will not only need Blog This! (Part I), but also High Dive.
[3] To play Going Deep, you will not only need Boulevard Baby and Frosting on the Cake, but also Clocking Off.

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