Truck Hustle

Mission in GTA IV
Late Checkout
Truck Hustle
Pegorino's Pride
Starts at PhilMarker.png Depot in Normandy
Given by Phil Bell
Reward $11.000

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The Triads own a truck full of heroin; they want to get rid of quickly. Phil Bell of the Pegorino family does not mind helping them with it. Not at all, but he is not willing to pay for it. Therefore he asks Niko to steal the truck. Go tot the alley and step into the marker. A cut scene will start in which the Triads arrive with the truck. When you regain control over Niko you will take cover behind a little brick wall. Choose a target and start shooting. Kill them all and make your way towards the truck. After you killed almost everyone, one of them will try to secure the truck by driving off. Take a sprint and run into the marker behind the truck. Niko will now hold on to the bumper. Follow the instructions to get on top of the truck. Once you are on top of it you will have to crawl to the front of it. Pay attention to the road ahead, when a turn appears, you better push the joystick down, and so you will not fall off. When you get to the front of the truck, a cut scene will start in which Niko kills the driver and takes the wheel. Niko will call Phil to tell him he has the truck and Niko asks him what to do with it. Phil will tell you it is a present for his cousin Frankie Gallo, because he is getting married. He will be waiting for you near the old villa in Westdyke, Alderney. Drive into the marker to pass the mission.



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