Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory

Tommy Vercetti in front of the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory.

The Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory is a factory in Little Havana, Vice City, where Cherry Poppers ice is being produced. Maude Hanson is in the lead of Cherry Poppers. When Tommy Vercetti bought the factory, Maude Hanson explains that the ice-business actually is a front for the distribution of drugs.

The Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory costs $20.000,= and after you purchase it, it will be marked on the map with this icon: Cherry Poppers . The factory gives you the mission Distribution, which you can start by driving the Mr Whoopee After you completed this mission, Cherry Poppers generates an amount of money upon $3.000,= a day. The submission 'Distribution' keeps available after you completed it for the first time. The save-icon ( Safe-icon ) will apear inside the factory, but pay attention: it is possible that your savegame becomes corrupted when you save your game at this factory. The reason for this, is that the game contains a bug at this point. It's, for this reason, hardly recommended to save your game somewhere else.


  • You can also find the ice of Cherry Poppers in other GTA games, for example in the 24-7, in GTA San Andreas.
  • The two whipped cream's with cherry's on top of it, which can be seen on top of the factory and the Mr Whoopee look a bit like tit's.