logo frontpage is a large Dutch website about the Grand Theft Auto series. On this site, you'll find information, news, downloads and more about GTA. Registered members can download mods, comment at news, post in the forums and more. and WikiGTA are part of the GTAGames network.


Behind the scenes, GTAGames was already being made in January 2003. It took the makers quite a while to set it up and it wasn't until August that year before the domain was registered. A month later the site was launched, a small site which was not very known.

In December, the site was given it's orange color which it still wears and the site was being rebuilt to make use of PHP. This way, problems with frames were solved and made the site more versatile. At the end of the month, started to grow very fast. Hundreds of unique visitors came to the site every day and they added many downloads and pages to the site.

In May 2004 the site became an official Grand Theft Auto fansite, recognized by Rockstar Games for their efforts for the game.

With the third anniversary of the site in sight, the admins decided to join and to one single site, using the Invision Pro Boards option to have a start page. A Download section was added to host the downloads from the old site and a new subforum for the news. The forum was given a new design as well, which gave the site a much professional look than it had before. The changes took place on October 22 2006, on the exact date of the third anniversary. From then on, GTAGames acted as a community portal with information about the latest news, newest posts on the forum, latest blog entries and much, much more.

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