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In the multiplayer mode of GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, a few new modes are introduced. Deathmatch and Race are still available between these modes, with the change that you can use the new weapons to make up your own new tactics. As before, you can entertain yourself by playing 30 races in the race mode, which are mostly driven on a bike.

Chopper vs. Chopper

This is a mode you can play with two players. One player will be the bike rider and the other player a helicopter pilot. The bike driver is supposed to drive through as many checkpoints as he can, and the helicopter pilot must prevent this. After several minutes, the roles will be switched. At the end of the game, the one that drove through the most checkpoints will win the game.

Club Business

No information released so far.

Lone Wolf Biker

In this mode you will not play in teams, but it's everyone for themselves now. You're supposed to kill the "Lone Wolf". This is a player randomly chosen by the game, if one succeeds in killing the "Lone Wolf", the killer will be the "Lone Wolf" in the next round. You earn money by killing other players, but the time you stayed alive as Lone Wolf is far more important than the cash! If you become the Lone Wolf you will receive 10 seconds of invulnerability so you can run (or hide) from the other players.

Own The City

This mode looks like Turf War. Again you play in 2 teams: one team will be playing as The Lost Motorcycle Club and the other as Angels of Death Motorcycle Club. You're supposed to capture enemy and neutral territories. With the small change that once a territory is captured, computer based gang members will enter and defend the area, making it harder for the enemy to capture it back. You can capture a territory by killing all the gang members including computer-based ones.

Witness Protection

This mode looks like Cops n' Crooks. Again you will be playing in 2 teams; one team as NOOSE cops, the other team as members of The Lost. The NOOSE cops will be transporting some witnesses and The Lost is supposed to take out all the witnesses.

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