NRG-500 in GTA San Andreas · Vehicle list

GTA San Andreas
Based on ZZUnknown Seats 2 NRG-500 in GTA San Andreas
Code 522 NRG500 Weight 400 kg
Top speed ZZUnknown Gears 5
Acceleration 60 m/s2 Transmission RWD
Engine Petrol Location Click

The NRG-500 is a very fast bike in GTA San Andreas. The abbreviation NRG is derived from "energy". It has three different designs and the NRG-900 in GTA IV seems to be a new model of this bike.

You'll find the bike in Easter Basin, San Fierro, where it is used to do the NRG-500 Challenge. It will also appear in front of the Bike School if you complete all school challenges with gold.

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