Pleasure Domes

The Pleasure Domes

Jizzy's Pleasure Domes is a well-known nightclub in San Fierro. The club is located in an old fortress in Battery Point, the northern tip of the city. The Gant Bridge is built directly above the building. The Pleasure Domes was run by the pimp Jizzy, but he was killed by Carl Johnson in 1992.


The Pleasure Domes is based on the Castillo de San Joaquin in Fort Point, San Fransisco. Like it's ingame counterpart, it is located directly beneath a huge bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge. Although the pleasure domes has a striking resemblance to the Castillo de San Joaquin, the latter is not a nightclub but a museum.


Hidden interior
Pleasure Domes
(Heaven B)
X = -2636,719
Y = 1402,917
Z = 906,4609

During the mission Ice Cold Killa, Carl Johnson enters the building through a window on the roof to kill Jizzy. The interior exists of a large atrium with stages and a bar, surrounded by twee floors with separated rooms.

The Pleasure Domes, seen from the entrance
The Pleasure Domes, seen from the atrium
The Pleasure Domes, seen from the first floor

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