Ray Boccino

Ray Boccino
Ray Boccino
Gender Male
Gang Pegorino family
Hometown Liberty City
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned
Voice Joe Barbara

Ray Boccino is a member of the Pegorino family, in which he is a Capo. He is responsable for the contacts with the Irish mafia, mainly through Patrick McReary. There are several rumors containing Ray. He seems to have a terrible temper and he once threw someone in a garbagetruck, because he did not pay him back. Most of the time Ray can be found in the Italian restaurant called Drusilla’s, in Algonquin. He promises Niko to help him find Florian Cravic, in exchange for some chores he want Niko to do. Most of these assignments are about diamonds. At first Niko has to collect them with Luca Silvestri in a garbage truck, and after that he has to steal them from Luca. As a reward for the things he did, Ray gives Niko a new appartment in Alderney. When Ray asks Niko to sell the diamonds, Niko insists Ray to do what he promissed him. The diamonddeal with Isaac Roth is a disaster; both the diamonds and the money disappear. Both Isaac and Ray blaime it on each other, and Niko has to kill Isaac and his associates. After Isaac is killed at a shootout at the Majestic Hotel, Ray calls Niko to tell him someone has found Florian Cravic.

Ray also introduces Niko to another member of the Pegorino family, a man called Phil Bell. And later on Niko also meets the boss of the Pegorino family, Jimmy. He will tell Niko Ray is not going to make it inside the family, because he is dealing with his own shit to much and to many things end up wrong. But Jimmy holds on to him, because he makes good money. Later on, during the mission Pest Control, Ray and Phil are in a quarrel. After both men are gone, Jimmy asks Niko to kill one of them, but he is not sure which one yet. Later on Jimmy calls Niko to tell him to kill Ray, because he is considered to be a traitor. Ray gets killed while his bodyguards are at a gasstation.

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