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Safe houses San Fierro Las Venturas Whole map
Los Santos Color Print friendly
Prickle Pine
Redsands West
Whitewood Estates
The Four Dragons Casino (standard save point in Las Venturas)
Rockshore West
The Camel's Toe
Pirates in Men's Pants
The Clown's Pocket
Old Venturas Strip
Verdant Meadows (bought during Mike Toreno's missions)
El Quebrados
Tierra Robada
Mike Toreno's Ranch (standard save punt in the desert)
Ford Carson
Calton Heights
China Town
Doherty garage (standard save point in San Fierro)
Angel Pine
Angel Pine Trailerpark (standard save point in The Badlands)
Fern Ridge (Catalina's Cabin; save point only)
Palamino Creek
Madd Dogg's Crib (acquired in A Home In The Hills)
The Johnson House (standard save point in Los Santos)
Verdant Bluffs
Verona Beach
Santa Maria Beach
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