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  • The garage Wang Cars is present in both GTA2 and GTA San Andreas?
  • You can call in to WKTT Radio to have your voice heard in GTA IV?
  • The release of GTA IV has been delayed?
  • El Burro's name means 'The Donkey'?
  • The Rhino will spawn at Phil's Place after completing the storyline of GTA III?
  • The second trailer "Looking for that special someone" of GTA IV is available?
  • You can use the trunk of your car in GTA IV?
  • The Statue of Liberty is parodied in GTA IV as the Statue of Happiness?
  • Carl Johnson has to throw up when he eats to much fast food?
  • An online multiplayer function for GTA III was planned, although it was not included in the final game?
  • The second trailer of GTA IV will be available on Thursday June 28?
  • You can see Darkel by modding GTA III?
  • The golf courses in San Andreas have greens and bunkers, but no actual holes?
  • Las Venturas was originally called Las Venturra?
  • You can use the trunk of your car in GTA IV?
  • The Andromada occasionally can be seen in the air?
  • The Euros is the most populair sports car?
  • GTA IV will be set in a redesigned Liberty City?
  • Two missions in GTA San Andreas are named after the song "If you're going to San Fransisco"?
  • The Dutch WikiGTA was created on october the 2nd, 2005?
  • You can swim a couple of seconds in the first Grand Theft Auto?

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