Cesar Vialpando (mission)

Mission in GTA San Andreas
Sweet's Girl
Cesar Vialpando
High Stakes, Low-Rider
Lowrider Challenge
Starts at Marker Sweet's House
Given by Sweet
Reward 2x your bet
Marker Loco Low Co. and TransFender are open

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In this mission you'll have to watch after Kendl, because Sweet doesn't trust her boyfriend.

First go to the mod garage in Willowfield. There you'll get a lowrider from an old friend of Sweet who owes him a favor. The guy says you have to drive into his garage, called the Loco Low Co. if you want to fit some nice parts onto the car. Drive into the garage, you do not have to put something on it and you probably can't as you don't have a lot of money. For this mission you need hydraulics which are already mounted onto the car. Leave the mod shop when you are done and drive to Unity Station.

When you arrive, you have to battle an opponent by hopping with the hydraulics. Choose your bet, between $50.= and $1000.= and let the game begin! After you have won, you'll see a cut scene and mission passed!

Controls Lowrider

PC - Numpad PlayStation 2 Which wheel(s) Arrow on screen
8 Right Analog stick to the front Front wheels Arrow up
2 Right Analog stick to the back Rear wheels Arrow down
4 Right Analog stick to the left Left side-wheels Arrow left
6 Right Analog stick to the right Right side-wheels Arrow right
8 & 4 Right Analog stick to the left and front Left front-wheel Arrow up left
8 & 6 Right Analog stick to the right and front Right front-wheel Arrow up right
4 & 2 Right Analog stick to the left and back Left rear-wheel Arrow down left
6 & 2 Right Analog stick to the right and back Right rear-wheel Arrow down right


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