Cut Throat Business

Mission in GTA San Andreas
Home Coming
Cut Throat Business
Starts at Marker Madd Dogg's Mansion
Given by Carl Johnson
Reward Respect
Kart and Vortex spawn in San Andreas

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It's time to take revenge on OG Loc, because Madd Dogg thinks that he is the one who stole his rhymebook. You have to go, together with Madd Dogg, to the video shoot where OG Loc is giving an interview. When you arrive OG Loc will try to escape with a Vortex.

Madd Dogg and CJ will hop in the other Vortexes and you will have to chase OG Loc. Make sure you don't lose him, because that will fail the mission. During the chase you don't have to pay attention to Madd Dogg, don't panic if it looks like Madd Dogg is getting behind: you can't lose him. The chase in the Vortex ends at the pier in Los Santos and from that moment you have to chase him in a Kart, this chase end at the office of OG Loc's manager.

Now you'll see a cut scene in which the producer Jimmy Silverman tells Carl he wants a contract with Madd Dogg because he needs to score hits. Madd Dogg and OG Loc have a little argue about the "rhymebook" but OG Loc is outnumbered and leaves the office. After the cut scene you've passed this mission!


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