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28 November

The box art of GTA IV

The box art of Grand Theft Auto IV continuous the trend of previous artwork on the cover of GTA. Since Grand Theft Auto III, the cover of the games have been decorated with several small panels (nine, in the case of GTA IV). As usual, a helicopter is pictured in the top left corner of the cover. Next to this, we see a close up of Niko Bellic, which is the first time a protagonist is featured on the cover of GTA. Top right, we see a motorcycle called 'NRG 900 RR' and the subway of Liberty City in the background. The three images in the middle of the cover, those of Lola, a sniper and a man with a cellphone and pistol, are slightly altered versions of the artwork previously used for the dummy covers. In the three images at the bottom we see the cable car next to the Algonquin Bridge, Niko in the middle of a police chase and a gangster with sunglasses, holding a pistol. Note that the image bottom right has been mirrored: Rockstar forgot to correct the license plate of the red car.

28 June 2007

The second trailer

A game trailer usually consists of few short clips, to give you an impression of the game before the game has been released. GTA IV will have three trailers, of which two are available at the moment. The first trailer is available since March 29 and the second since 28 June. The release date of the third and final trailer is currently unknown.

The second trailer, just as the first, lasts about one minute, but it shows us much more of the storyline. We see how Niko and Roman are 'looking for that special someone', apparently someone who survived something. During their search, they use cars, a motorcycle and helicopters. We also see Niko hanging behind a truck and a helicopter and how he talks with someone on his cellphone.

14 May 2007

The countdown

A game trailer usually consists of few short clips, to give you an impression of the game before the game has been released. The first trailer of GTA IV is available since March 29. It has been the earliest GTA trailer ever, and it is the first time a trailer shows us the first information of a GTA.

The trailer lasts for just over a minute and shows us some footage of the city in which GTA IV is set: Liberty City. The city has been completely redesigned and resembles New York much more than the Liberty City of GTA III. Among others, parodies on the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Chrysler Building can be seen.

11 January 2007

Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was released on 2 December 2005 for the PlayStation Portable. The games is set in Liberty City, but the story starts three years prior to the events of Grand Theft Auto III. GTA Liberty City Stories is the first GTA since GTA2 which supports multiplayer. The game will be released for PS2 at June 6 this year.

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