Final Destination

Mission in GTA IV
Do You Have Protection?
Final Destination
No Love Lost
Logging On
Starts at FaustinMarker.png Perestroika
Given by Mikhail Faustin
Reward $500,=

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When Niko and Dimitri Rascalov enter Perestroika together, you will notice that Dimitri is loved by the people who are there and many of them will say something to him. Dimitri and Niko will sit by Faustin. Dimitri will tell there is a traitor and they are betrayed about a drug deal to the police, but they do not know who it is. Faustin thinks it is Lenny Petrovic, the son of Kenny Petrovic, but Dimitri does not agree with it. Still Niko will listen to Faustin, because he is the boss. After the conversation, you will be able to control Niko again. First of all, you have to go to Bohan. Once you are there you will call Faustin and he will tell you where Lenny is: at a subway station. Drive to the subway station and a cut scene will start. Niko tells Lenny that Faustin thinks he is a traitor, after which Lenny will run and his bodyguard will shoot you. After the cut scene two trains will pass (from different directions). The best thing to do is to take down the bodyguard first, because he has a Micro SMG and is thus able to kill you easily. Another thing you can do is just shoot at him so he will fall and will not be able to shoot you. When you have disabled the bodyguard, you have to go downstairs and chase Lenny. When you are fast enough you can shoot Lenny while he is going downstairs or while he is walking to his car. If you are not fast enough, Lenny will get in his Banshee and drive away. In that case you will have to follow him by car and shoot him. When you have killed Lenny, the mission is passed. Later on you will get a call from Dimitri: he will tell you Lenny was the son of Kenny Petrovic, a very powerful man, who will now probably take revenge!


  • Take a SMG or Micro SMG with enough ammunition with you because there is a chance you will have to do a drive-by at Lenny’s car.
  • Also make sure you have full health and armor so the bodyguard will not kill you.



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