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The most Frequently Asked Questions about WikiGTA are answered here:

Why can't I login or register on WikiGTA?

Contrary to most other Wiki sites, this website is build and maintained by a limited group of people. Therefore you can be sure that all info comes from knowledgeable people, so the quality of information on this site is maintained. You can only become member of the WikiGTA-crew through an invitation of the existing crew.

How can I get an invite to work on WikiGTA?

By demonstrating your GTA knowledge and good writing skills. The best way to achieve this, is to become an active and worthy member of, where most members of the WikiGTA-crew hang around on a daily basis.

I'm not a WikiGTA editor (yet), but I like to contribute!

You can! Ideas and suggestions can be posted in the WikiGTA Subforum. The WikiGTA-crew will have a look it, so see if it can be used for this site. The same subforum can also be used to report errors, give compliments or share other thoughts on WikiGTA.

Can I use information and screens from WikiGTA on my own site?

This is all explained in the disclaimer.

Why are some pages missing?

Like any other Wiki-site this website is constantly under construction. Crew-members are creating new pages and editing existing pages on a daily basis. This causes the volume of information on WikiGTA to be growing constantly. At the moment this WikiGTA contains already 2,093 pages.

Some pages require me to login, but I don't have an account!

If a page requires you to login, most of the times this means that the page does not yet exist. You can also get this message if you try to access a house-keeping page, that is used by the WikiGTA-crew to maintain this website.

How to find what I'm looking for on WikiGTA?

The Major entrypoints when looking for certain information can be found in the sidebar on the left of the screen. There are separate entries for each of the versions in the GTA series. Below that are some entries for special and important pages. And below that,there is a search-box, that can be used to perform a full-text search of all pages on this WikiGTA.

What's the difference between blue and red links?

Each blue link on WikiGTA brings you to a new page with more information. A Red links mean that a page with more information on that subject is planned for the future, but that page does not yet exist. The WikiGTA-crew is constantly busy to supply more and more info and thus turn red links into blue ones.

Who wrote what in WikiGTA?

On WikiGTA individual articles or pages are not attributed to a certain author. Most likely each page has had contributions of several authors. The WikiGTA-crewlist contains all the names of people that are working or have worked on WikiGTA. Most crewmembers maintain a personal page, where you can see on which part of the WikiGTA the focus.

Why are the images so small?

Some images are made smaller to better fit the layout of the page. You can always click any image to view it at full-size.

Can I link to WikiGTA from my website?

Certainly! Our button can be seen at the right. Please upload the image on your own web space instead of hotlinking it. If you wish to affiliate with (home to WikiGTA), see here.

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