Sweet and Kendl

Mission in GTA San Andreas
Big Smoke
Sweet & Kendl
Starts at Vinewood cemetery
Given by Na.
Reward Respect

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Big Smoke and CJ arrive at the funeral. Kendl hugs CJ because she's glad to see him. CJ and his brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson seem not so happy to see each other. Especially because CJ left and therefore didn't show up at some funerals.

They walk back to Big Smoke's car, but suddenly there's a Voodoo with Ballas gang members coming their way. Big Smoke's car explodes by flying bullets. There are some BMX bikes across the street, jump on one of those BMX bikes and follow Sweet. While you drive through the streets, the car with Ballas gang members is chasing you. They are in possession of some Micro SMGs and they will shoot at you and ram you with the car while you're cycling. Stay close to Sweet, when the Ballas try to hit you with their car, brake as fast as you can while moving your weight to the back. The car will miss you and you can catch up with Sweet again.

When you followed Sweet for a while you have to follow Lance "Ryder" Wilson. They will shoot at Ryder too now. You don't have to worry, as Ryder can't be killed. Keep evading the Ballas car until you're at Grove Street with Ryder and Big Smoke. After saving you get a call by Sweet who explains some matters to CJ.


  • Brake fast every time the Ballas car approaches you. The car will pass you so you can easily continue cyling.
  • When you've left the skate park in Glen Park with Ryder, and you know the way back to Grove Street, don't hesitate and drive as fast as you can further on. The car with the Ballas will follow you but they will cease their pursuit as soon as you reach the square at Grove Street. Drive back to Ryder and Big Smoke who will be waiting for you and follow them back to Grove Street in order to end this mission.


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